Advice For Those Caring For Headstone Monuments Made Out Of Granite

30 November 2021
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Headstone monuments are pivotal structures used on gravesites that mark the final resting places of loved ones. Granite headstone monuments are very popular today because of their durability and distinct visuals. In order to maintain them, you can perform the following care steps.

Identify a Cleaning Interval

So that you make the best use out of your time and energy caring for a headstone monument made from granite, you want to identify a particular cleaning interval from the beginning. How often will you need to come out and use products on this monument to keep it looking great?

If you've never maintained a headstone monument before, then you can talk to the cemetery director or supervisor. They spend a lot of time around the grounds to make sure they're taken care of, so their experience can help you pinpoint an optimal cleaning schedule based on how often your family's granite headstone gets dirty.

Try to Avoid Household Chemicals

You may have a lot of household cleaning chemicals just waiting to be used, but you should stay away from them when granite headstone monuments are involved. They could contain damaging chemicals without you even knowing it, potentially causing some areas of the headstone to stain.

It's a much safer move to use cleaning chemicals specifically designed for granite headstone monuments. They'll have gentle, yet effective formulas that not only clean your granite headstone but help maintain its protective coating. That's going to help this structure hold up a lot better over the years.

Use Sponges for Scrubbing

Even though granite headstone monuments are durable and capable of lasting a long time, you still want to be careful about scrubbing them during your cleanings. If you didn't use the right tools, you could break off pieces and then expose the headstone to more structural problems.

The best scrubbing solution for granite headstones is a sponge. It's soft and thus won't be prone to scratching or chipping away at your headstone monument. Sponges come in a variety of shapes and sizes too, so it should be easy to find a sponge solution that lets you clean the headstone in a stress-free way.

If you have the ability to clean your family's granite headstone monument, then you will want to follow a couple of simple rules. If you do, you can keep this headstone looking great and avoid damage for a very long time.