4 Outdoor Signs To Use For Your Business

23 September 2021
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You want to attract customers so that they come into your business. You want to entice customers to come inside, shop, and allow you to make money. One great way to entice customers to come inside and do a little shopping is by having the right outdoor signage that will catch people's attention and bring them into your store.

There are a number of different types of outdoor signs that you can use to catch people's attention and bring them into your store.

Monument Sign

A monument sign is a permanent type of sign that is designed to sit on the ground and has a low profile. It is the type of sign that you put by the road so that people know your business is nearby. It is the type of sign you put right in front of your business so people can identify where it is. It is commonly a low-profile sign, often made from brick, concrete, or wood.

If you share a space with other businesses, the monument sign may list all the businesses that occupy that space, not just your business. It is a good type of sign to identify where your business is at.

Directional Signs

If your business is not located right on the main road and is inside of a complex, you may want to purchase directional signs. Directional signs will show people how to drive through the complex or area to get to your business. You may need a few of these signs to guide customers from the main road to your storefront. These are great to have if your location is a little tricky to find.

Sidewalk Signs

If your storefront gets plenty of foot traffic or is located on a slow-speed street, you may want to invest in some sidewalk signs. Sidewalk signs are built with a durable frame and are often designed with custom information, such as your business name or store hours. It can also contain a space to add a changeable message. With a sidewalk sign, you can bring them in and out daily and write a new message on the sign whenever you need to.

Storefront Sign

A storefront sign is one that is attached directly to your building, and it helps identify your business. These types of signs are typically used by retail-style firms that sell something directly to a consumer, such as a grocery store, salon, or restaurant.

A storefront sign can simply put your business name on the front of the store, or it can include a logo or image as well. You can have a flat sign or an illuminated sign, making your store easier to find at all times.

When it comes to taking care of your store, you want to ensure that you have the right signage up to make your store easy to identify and spot. You will want to have a monument sign, a directional sign, a sidewalk sign, or a storefront sign put up so that people can find and locate your business. Signage is an effective form of long-term advertisement that will help to bring people into your stores. Talk to a sign manufacturing service to learn more.