Vinyl Banner Designs To Use Around A New Subdivision

14 April 2021
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During the development of a new subdivision, it is common to display different types of signage around the area. While large billboard-style signs might be an option that you are leaning toward if you are overseeing this development, vinyl banners are another product that you can consider. Banners work well in this application if you will be erecting temporary fencing in certain areas. In fact, you can easily hang vinyl banners to the fencing with zip ties. The following designs can be effective on banners hung around this area.

Official Renderings

When people walk or drive past a new subdivision under construction, one of the first things that they will want to know is what the houses will look like upon being built. As a way of informing the public, you can get vinyl banners designed to feature official renderings of the homes that you will be building. Your architects can provide these images, and a graphic designer who works for your custom sign company can display them in an appropriate manner on the banners. This type of approach will help people to be able to picture how the subdivision will look, perhaps months before work on the buildings even begins.

House Details

Your vinyl banners around the under-construction subdivision will also provide a good opportunity to list important details about the homes that you are building. Beyond seeing images of the residences, people will want to know about the features of the homes. Coming up with a design that lists the type of homes (single-family or townhomes, for example), average square footage of the homes, the lot size, and some of the interior amenities will be informative.

Purchasing Details

There is a good chance that some people who pass by the area will be interested in buying a home, and your vinyl banners can provide information to help people in this effort. People who are interested in buying one of the homes will want to know when construction will finish, as this will suggest an approximate move-in time. Your banners can provide this information, as well as an approximate price range for the homes. Finally, the banners should provide the name and contact information of whoever will be handling the sales of the homes — in many cases, this may be a local real estate agent with whom you are working.

For more information and details, contact a vinyl banner supplier.