Custom Signs To Order For Your Sugar Bush

5 January 2021
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If you own a sugar bush — a treed area in which you produce maple syrup — there's a good chance that you have members of the public visiting you throughout the maple syrup season. If you're looking for ways to improve the appearance of your property, custom signage can be a good place to start. Many sugar bushes invite people to take tours, learn how maple syrup is produced, and even enjoy a pancake breakfast A local sign company can design all sorts of signs that feature your name and logo, as well as the wording that you want. Here are some custom sign suggestions for your sugar bush.

Trail Navigation

Many sugar bushes have trails through the woods that people can walk on. Some of these trails can be long, so it's important for each of them to be clearly marked. It's a good idea to have your custom sign company produce navigation signs that you can hang around the trails. One option is to assign a name to each of the trails on the property, and then order signs that tell people where to go. For example, if there's a place that two trails cross, you can have a sign that tells people which trail is which.

Building Identification

It's common for sugar bushes to have all sorts of buildings on their properties. If you have a large operation, you might one or more buildings in which you produce maple syrup, a cafeteria-style building where you serve pancakes to guests, buildings that hold bathrooms, and more. A stylish sign on the exterior of each of these buildings, perhaps featuring your name, logo, and the building's name can give your property a professional appearance, while also making it easier for first-time visitors to identify their surroundings.

Maple Syrup Information

It can be fun to order a handful of signs that provide interesting information about the process of producing maple syrup. Walk around your sugar bush, make a list of points, and then identify where you'll want to mount signs. For example, you might like a sign at the edge of a forested area that provides information about the maple trees — when you planted them, how tall they get, how many you have, and so on. Around the sugar shack building where you produce maple syrup, a few signs that outline the steps that you follow to produce maple syrup can be useful for visitors.

For more information about creating custom signs for your business, contact a local sign company.