Learn About Guardrails

21 September 2020
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Everyone who has spent any time on the road has seen guardrails at some point in time. However, most people don't give them a second thought. Guardrails play an important role in helping to create a safer driving environment for everyone on the roadway. You can learn some interesting information about guardrails by reviewing this article.

Guardrails offer an important safety barrier

There are many reasons a car can end up traveling toward the edge of a road and while this is always an extremely dangerous thing, there are times when the danger is significantly increased. It is in these areas when guardrails are put in place. 

One example of an area where you will likely see guardrails is along a part of a highway that has a significant drop-off past the edge of the road. When driving through the mountains, you will see a lot of guardrails used for this purpose. The guardrails help to ensure that if a car does travel off the road that it doesn't end up going over the cliff; the car headed for the cliff will instead hit the guardrail and stay on the road. 

Another time when guardrails are used as barriers is when there is a large obstacle off to the side of the road that would be extremely dangerous for a car to hit when it travels off the roadway. A utility pole or large tree may be located in a spot where a car may be more likely to travel into because of the design of the road, as well as other possible factors. 

Guardrails can perform a number of important jobs just by existing

Guardrails serve to prevent cars from going over embankments. They are installed to lessen the damage of a collision with an object. They are also intended to assist a vehicle with getting back on the roadway. They can slow down a fast-moving vehicle that's going off-course. The guardrails can also stop a car that is out of control and put an end to its collision course. A guardrail can also make it easier to see dangerous spots like drop-offs. They are also used in areas where there is an increased risk of cars drifting into oncoming traffic, preventing dangerous collisions. Guardrails are generally white which makes them easier to see and they can also have reflectors on them which light them up when headlights hit them.