Are You Creating A Home Theater? 3 Movie Room Decorations That Add That Special Touch Of Charm

26 February 2020
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A home theater improves the value of your property, and it gives you a fun place to hang out with your friends and family. Whether you are a movie buff or just want to create a place for entertaining guests, you'll find that setting up your cinema room is fun and exciting. Once you've picked out your comfortable movie viewing furniture and set up the screen, your next big step is to begin outfitting the room with interesting pieces of decor that improve the aesthetics of the space. Be sure to look for these three movie room decorations that will add charm and interest to your new entertainment space.

Create an Authentic Experience With Wall Signs

A visit to any movie theater will reveal tons of signage. For your home theater, try recreating this experience by adding wall signs that mimic the general effect. For instance, you might want to hang a metal sign near the entrance to the room that advertises where you could buy tickets. Wall signs are also a great way to highlight your snack bar. Look for signs that advertise popcorn and soda that you can hang near where your family and guests can get their movie snacks. 

Include a Few Whimsical Pieces of Wall Art

Cinema room decor can also be found in styles that range from those that bring back the retro feel of the earlier movie eras along with pieces that evoke a more modern feel. As you pick out your decor, try to keep it consistent but also remember to look for pieces that stand out. Your guests may love seeing some movie reels hanging on the wall, or they may enjoy a brief chuckle at seeing signs that remind visitors to turn off their phones. Adding a few interest pieces will enhance the room while turning the theater into a true showpiece.

Hang Movie Advertisements and Posters

No home theater would be complete without at least a few movie posters and advertisements lining the walls. This is another area where you can choose to emphasize your personal style. Do you love old movies? If so, then look for vintage movie poster wall signs that depict some of your favorite titles. Alternatively, you could look for modern movie posters that you can place in frames to create the same look you see at the neighborhood theater. Just make sure to pick out advertisements and posters that represent movies that you love so that you can use them as conversation pieces.