3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Signs For Your Commercial Real Estate Property

26 February 2020
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Everything about advertising commercial real estate is different than advertising a traditional residential property right down to the smallest marketing details. If you are a real estate agent who is just starting out with marketing commercial properties, you will have a lot to learn along the way. One thing to learn is how to curate an appropriate sign to directly advertise a property in the best way. Take a look at some of the most common mistakes to avoid when you design signs for your commercial real estate properties for sale. 

Avoid placing tiny script on the sign that is not easy to read 

Yes, the commercial real estate sign should offer quite a long list of information, but this is one reason why larger signs for these properties are most appropriate. If there is something that needs to be included but you can't make it fit without using a very tiny script that would be illegible to the average onlooker, you may need a bigger sign. Tiny script on such a sign is rarely going to be read, which means it will be taking up space on the unit for no reason. 

Avoid leaving off a diagram of the property interior 

One thing that people will be interested in seeing about the commercial property for sale is its interior layout. A simple floorplan diagram gives any onlooker a peek at what the interior layout looks like. You may be tempted to leave this off if you are pushed for space, but it is something property buyers will be looking for in a sign when they go past it on the street. You will get a lot of people who will immediately know the property is not right for their business operation, but this will give those truly interested an idea that the property is just what they need. 

Avoid skimping on detail about the included land 

For a lot of commercial business property prospects, the information about the property the structure is placed on will be just as important as everything else. The property or land should be mentioned on the sign, and pertinent details should be included. For example, if the property is just over five acres in size, include the exact notation of the property size on your sign. Likewise, if there is a shared property access point, this is something a business owner would want to know. 

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