Incorporate Plenty Of Pink Into Your Sign If You Run One Of These Businesses

21 February 2020
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There are several factors that can make your business's sign stand out from those around it. The use of an unconventional color can often be effective. While a unique color can draw attention to your sign and thus make people think about your business, you want to be sure that the color you choose is in alignment with your brand. Pink can be an effective color to include on your sign in many scenarios. When you take a look at the signs of the businesses around you, there's a good chance that you see little to no examples of pink. Here are some businesses that can benefit from pink signs.

Cupcake Store

Pink is a perfect sign color choice if you operate a cupcake store. It's virtually certain that you sell a variety of cupcakes with pink icing, so this choice of sign color will match well with your brand. An image of a cupcake on the sign will tie in well, especially if you have your sign company include other relevant designs. For example, you might favor having the name of your cupcake store written on the sign in a manner that looks like it's been written in icing with a piping bag.

Women's-Only Gym

While most community gyms accept people of any gender, there are a handful of athletic facilities that cater only to women. If you run this type of organization, it's important for your branding to make it clear what your demographic is. The last thing that you want is to deal with men entering the gym multiple times a day and have to tell them that you're a women-only facility. Beyond having explanatory wording on the exterior of your building, you can also make your demographic clear by using a pink sign.

Lingerie Store

Another type of business that should think about using a pink sign outside of its location is a lingerie store. While some men may shop in this store to buy gifts for their significant others, the bulk of your customers will be women. Choosing a pink sign can be effective because it may help to catch the attention of women when they're in the area, and this could encourage some of them to check out your store. This color choice not only works well because the bulk of your customers are women, but also because a considerable number of the products that you sell are likely various shades of pink.

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