4 Elements Of An Effective A-Frame Sign

19 February 2020
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A-frame signs, also known as sidewalk signs, are small outdoor signs commonly used for promotion and advertisement purposes. Given its name for its resemblance to the letter A, these signs are wide-reaching because they allow you to include content on both the front and backside. However, not all of these signs are equally effective. Discover some of the key elements of an effective A-frame sign.

1. Related Graphics

The average person has more than one thing on their mind at a time. It's a business owner's job to grab the person's attention. A great way to go about this process is to include related graphics on the custom signage. For instance, an ice cream parlor should include an image of ice cream, and an eyewear shop should have an image of glasses on the sign. Not only are graphics eye-catching, but they are also informative.

2. Actionable Information

Unlike a large billboard sign, the people that see an A-frame sign are typically very close to the business. Include actionable information on the signage to draw these people through the doors. An example of actionable information would be a discount option. For instance, "come inside and say happy for an extra 20% off." This small phrase could motivate someone to come inside and see what you have to offer, solely based on the information provided on the sign. 

3. Extra Details

Think of an A-frame sign as an additional source of information. For example, a large banner on the window that says "sale" doesn't provide much information. The A-frame sign could include exact information about what the sale includes and even provide pricing information. When you use the sign in this manner, you get straight to the point and give potential customers the exact information they need. 

4Proper Placement

A-frame signage is generally made with a thin metal or plastic frame. Its design makes it a very economical option, but it also makes it susceptible to falling over in high winds. An A-frame sign is only effective when people can view it, so you must think about the placement of the sign. Always try to install the sign in a location that provides some level of coverage on either side to help shield it from the wind and keep it in an upright position.

Contact a custom sign company to learn more about the A-frame options available for your business.