The Convenience Of Cable Markers: How Can Using Them Make Your Job Easier?

17 February 2020
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Are you working in an industry where you constantly come across different types of wires and cables? You may get hired to identify problems with systems and then fix them. If you are working with systems that have dozens of different wires and cables to sort through, it helps to have cable markers attached to each of those wires. The cable markers are convenient and will help you save some of your time by making it easier for you to find the different cables and what their purpose is when connected to a piece of equipment, such as a computer.

What Do the Cable Markers Look Like?

The cable markers are small and colorful tags that are commonly placed on wires and cables. They typically come in red, green, blue, yellow, and white. Each marker has a small tab with enough space for someone to write the name and/or purpose of the specific cable or wire down in permanent marker. The markers might have a series of numbers printed on them. Because the cables and wires in a system are separated by the color-coordinated cable markers, finding a specific cable only takes a few seconds instead of several minutes. If you need to replace a wire, pull out a cable, or check for any existing damage, you can easily find the piece you are looking for by checking the different cable markers.

Are There Different Types of Cable Markers?

While most cable markers look the same, some get tied directly on the wires and cables while others clip right on. It is usually a matter of convenience and preference when purchasing these cable markers. Other than having different ways to apply them, these labels are mostly the same, regardless of where you might decide to purchase them before applying them to the cables and wires of a specific system.

Is It Safe to Use Cable Markers on Wires?

Some people may worry that applying plastic cable markers to wires will cause problems due to the plastic coming in contact with a wire that might be a bit hot. However, this is not anything worth stressing over. Not only is it safe to use the convenient cable markers on wires, but it is also highly recommended because it can make your job of identifying them so much easier.

Cable markers are commonly used on cables and wires for different systems, such as computers and electronic devices. You can identify the different wires and cables with these markers that come in several colors.