Three Uses For Ceiling Dangler Signs

13 February 2020
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When you run a business, you want to use a variety of types of business signs throughout your location. One type of sign that has value is a ceiling dangler. As its name suggests, this type of sign hangs from the ceiling on one or more pieces of string or chain. The use of string means that the sign can sway back and forth, which is good for catching peoples' attention. While you'll use traditional sign methods to display your business's name and logo, ceiling dangler signs are useful for other applications. Here are three ways that you can use ceiling dangler signs.

Displaying A Menu

If you operate a business that sells food to people on the go, a ceiling dangler can be a good way to display the menu. This is especially true if the menu only has a small selection of items. For example, if you run a frozen yogurt shop, ceiling dangler signs can be an affordable way to display your menu. You can even consider having a few ceiling dangler signs hanging around the counter with each sign devoted to displaying a certain part of the menu — perhaps hand-scooped frozen yogurt on one sign, soft-serve options on another, and drinks on a third.

Alerting People To Sales

A lot of businesses use ceiling dangler signs to alert their customers to sales or promotional events. This is a good type of sign for this use because ceiling dangler signs are generally affordable. They're often made of cardboard, which means that your custom sign company can produce them at a low cost and pass the savings onto the customer. If you have a specific sale or promotion, ceiling dangler signs can catch the eyes of people as they pass by your store in the mall or upon entering.

Encouraging Social Media Connections

Another way that you can use ceiling dangler signs in your business is to let your shoppers know about your social media presence and encourage them to connect with you. Generally, you'll want to include specific incentives for doing so. For example, you might note that you send out Facebook-exclusive coupons a few times a month and that "liking" your business on this social media platform will allow customers to get access to these coupons that they can use during their next visit to your store. You might even use a ceiling dangler sign to display a hashtag that you've created for your company and encourage people to snap selfies in your store and use the hashtag.